I’m Still here !!

I have been  pretty silent for  a  year or two, not so  much  because  I  did not want to  write, but mostly  because  I had  nothing to  write about.  I  mean there  is  quite nothing to  talk about when you are  unemployed and  still  living at home  his there.  
Well there is  still nothing happening but I wanted to  give myself a shout out  and say world I’m still here.

Who are you?

Who are you?

“The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered on earth. Be with me always — take any form — drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!
EMILY BRONTE, Wuthering Heights” (If you find a better quote I’m all for it.)

 Hello  again, If  like me  you are  a  strong  supporter of  the Taegui  couple  in  we  got married  : global  edition than it’s perfectly normal to be  having  withdrawal  symptoms  of not being able to see Taeck  oppa. So what to do is the question right?  Let me suggest to you cures that pretty much working for me. Let’s merely head to Who are you? Land so here we get a drama that is categorized as a Romance, Action/Thriller, and Crime/Mystery.  So this  should be a  good recipe right trying to  scare  ourselves to death  to  get read of  our  symptoms.

So If like  me  you  are an horror/thriller freak and  cannot  say  no to a  good  cop show  then  you may  have told yourself  after the  brain coma  taken from Cyrano Dating  agency that you needed much adrenaline  to  put  yourself  back in the  game then , why  not give  Who are you a  try.  Well  not only  we  get  scared  cure ,  but  we  also  get to  see  our Taec oppa.   I  can  hear  the  people  scared  of  scary  stuff  going  no  way  I’m watching this   if it’s scary  well let me just  tell  you don’t always  believe categories, if  it were up to me  I would  add  comedy  in there. (But then again I’m known for having a weird sense of the comic.)
So  before we even  meet the  characters  we should  try to  figure out  what this  drama  is   about   right , crudely    who  are you  is  a detective / ghost /romance story  about a  policewoman  who wake up from a coma  after  6  years  having  lost her memory  with the  ability to  see  ghost. She’s  is assigned to  the  lost and  found  center  where she meet another  detective  who  purely  believe in  straight forward  evidences.  So  from there it’s a  journey  to  seeing them  working  alongside one another, discovering the  truth behind the  object  left  behind,  while  they  untangle the  truth  hidden  behind  the close  doors  of  their life.  So  now that   we  have  a  certain understanding  of  what these drama  is  about  what  say  we  meet  the  protagonist.


we start by meeting Lee Hyung-joon (Kim Jae-wook) one of the lead male protagonists – a police detective who gets shot in the few minutes of the drama, then comes back as a ghost 6 years later.
Then we go meet
Yang Shi-ohn ( So Yi-hyun)  the main female protagonist – also a police detective, who  get shot then  wake up from her six  year  coma  with the sight and team leader of the lost and  found  department of the police

Then we meet Cha Gun-woo (Ok Taecyeon ) the much alive male  protagonist –as an overzealous , smart mouth fact believe  police  inspector whose only dream his to  rejoin  the  homicide division of the police , but  his stuck as  the second in command at the lost and found  department.
Of course we should certainly not give the supporting cast the cold shoulder let’s introduce them too.
Choi Moon-shik (Kim Chang-wan) an apparently lazy senior detective that  Gun-woo look  up too, with a past that is hinted to be less than stellar, and whispered to somewhat be the drama villain, thought for now it’s still a mystery.
Jan Hee Bin ( Kim Ye Won)  a  beautiful , charismatic  and  witty  psychic   with a  profound  sense  of  theatrics who  is the is  the  only one to  able  to  speak with   Lee Hyung  Joon. 
Moo Heung Joo (Park Young Ji)   the quiet yet mysterious chief of police, and father figure to Shi Ohn.   A  man  of  few  words  who  is  sure  to  leave   you  speechless   once  the  mysteries  around  him start to  unravel.
Jung Tae Soo (Kim Ki Chun) the witty doll face chief of the department in which the lost and found is under.  He’s dry humor and   demeanor is   bound to provide you with the comic  relic needed.
There  are  more  than   second  lead  characters  but  ,  I  hope  you will  tune  in   yourself  and  find out what   they  bring to  the drama.

With  2  weeks of this drama left I  find  it  hard  to  actually  find  the right words  that  would convince  you to  watch this drama  beyond  the  fact that  you  miss  Taek – oppa  or  that  you  just  want to  go  watch how  a much  hotness  sips  out of   silent Jae Wook  oppa.   How  about I  simply tell  you that  in  order to  fully  enjoy  who are you .  You should be prepared to be bored, frustrated, happy, and screaming.  Yet satisfied that you have given this little drama a chance to make you go through all those stages.  So    see you all on Mondays and Tuesdays.


This  was Review  I posted  on bn.com  after reading this  book. 

I personally love the book. I think that the way she take position is admirable, she is not dissing on Islam or telling anyone to abandoned it, she is just simply, elegantly and powerfully comparing it to what she felt worked for her. And I certainly respect her battle to free women from oppression and her call to freedom of expression and a larger acceptance and tolerance for critical thinking. Even on an non religious background all her claim are valid, people just simply sit on their asses way to easily and refuse to think for themselves always wanting someone else to make the decision for them. I think that this book should be even more widely spread even just for a purpose of seeing things through the eyes of someone who is not letting herself totally run on by emotions. I still believe that something said in this book still need to be taken carefully, it’s totally utopic to say that she is totally objective or that all of her experiences haven’t psychologically wounded her. But them again she plainly state that this is her subjective re-visitations of her memories.

I  really admire  Mrs Hirsi  Ali,  After   reading  Infidel , I  personally  feel  like  the  word need more  feminist  like  her,  not  the  usual  so  called  feminist that  we  see  everywhere who  only  try  to  act like their  care about the  ply  of  women  out there,  where  in truth their are only after a fame or  they after  a  while  turn they  back on the  issues that they initially  where  the  one  that  brought  them out , because they  are  scared  to  not  conform  to  the  popular opinion.  Mrs.  Hirsi  Ali  her  stayed  consistent  in her  fight even  when  she’s  still  threatened  she has  stayed  truth to  herself.  She’s  truly  one of  the  most  admirable  women  of  our  time.

Insomnia Cure

Hello  hello  Beautiful  so  the  month  of  august  was  a  busy  one  ,  I  did  not get a moment  to  myself so  my  poor  little  rambling   here was  interrupted.  Well  I  don’t  know  if   much  was  missed  I celebrated  my  24 th   birthday  a  few  days   ago  and  now  I’m back  to school.   And  with that I  bring  you  the return of the  magical   insomnia  Cure …  Aka   textbooks.

Well  even  for  an  avid  reader like  myself  ,  textbooks  are  still  not   my  cups  of  tea   It  takes  me  at least two  days an  ton  of procrastination  to  read  one chapter,  and  hear my  inner self  screaming at me, ” this is how  you are planning  to  get into  med school  you lazy  bum! “

All  in  all   when in  doubt of  what  to  do about   your   lack  of   sleep   you  can  always   pick  one  of these an  Kaboom  you are bound to  be  a  little  more  sleepy.

Anyways  happy  Back  to  school  everyone.


So  my first  movie  pick for today is this one.  Wow  I had such  a  great time  watching  it .  But  being the  lazy person  I’am  I  do  not feel  like  writing  an independent  review  of this  movie so   I  going to   do  my usual  copy  and  paste  form  my  MDL  review.  


This  one was the  selection from today  movie choice, so I can say that I’m still freshly hipe.  I just love this movie  it  totally made  me  jealous  of the  friendship shared by this  group  of  friends.

  • Overall  9
  • Story  9
  • Acting/Cast  10
  • Music  10
  • Rewatch Value  9

This movie was hilarious and deeply heart-felt at the same time.It’s about a transfer student Na-Mi (Shim Eun-Kyeong) who comes from a small town in Jeolla Province to her new school in the capital city of Seoul.She is nervous, her small town dialect comes out and she is bullied by others. Coming to her help are a group of girls Choon-Hwa (Kang So-Ra)who is known for her strong sense of loyalty and fighting skills, Jang-Mi (Kim Min-Young) who only wish is to have plastic surgery to get double eye-lids, Jin-Hee (Park Jin-Joo)who excels at spewing profanity, Geum-Ok (Lee Yeon-Kyung) whose biggest interest is literature, Bok-Hee (Kim Seon-Kyeong) who only dreams of one day becoming Ms. Korea and Su-Ji (Min Hyo-Rin) who is always arrogant and the girls pretty face mascot. Na-Mi quickly becomes part of their group. This movie is mostly a reflection of what 25 years of life can do to you and the power of friendship. It’s a walk on memory lane. You will feel touched by the acting of the younger cast as much as the older one. I did not except this movie to be about older woman when I read the synopsis. But there’s nothing that I have to complain about with this movie, it’s just like the title a “sunny” movie. So if you are looking to walk down memory lane with a smile on your face. This is a must and you may learn a things or two about treasuring your friends.

Lust, Caution

So  with a  group of friend  for  a couple of days we  have decided  to watch  a few movies  so yesterday  we  watch  this one.  And  Well  because  I  do not  feel  like  writing a second  review  ( yep lazy girl here.)  I  will just  copy paste  my review from MDL.  It’s not something fancy  but  it’s what I thought at the time  about the  movie.

  • Overall  8
  • Story  9
  • Acting/Cast  9
  • Music  7
  • Rewatch Value  8

Today  being a  new day  I  think that  it won’t  really  be  a  movie that  will stick with me.  But I can’t  really deny the  fact that it was well acted and that the scenes  were really  pictorial and seriously made want to travel.

Dramas Addiction !! part 1.

This  clearly  state  it  all.  But  what strike me  the  most his that when you are addicted to those Asian dramas,  you entourage ( Asian friends mostly)  start to look like those  actors  or actresses  that  you encounter on dramaland.  The  worst  of  it may  be when you start  looking  for  quality that may  not exist  in real life. 
So how I  know that I’m addicted lol well ,  there may be the fact that  when I  have a  block  while studying  I  end  up  turning my computer  on picking  a  dormant  drama  in my  too  watch list  and the next things  I know  I  have pulled a  all nighter  marathoning a drama  and my homework  are  left undone.  Well  they also  may be  the fact that when  Ordering  Chinese  food  I  say thanks, Hi and  Bye in Chinese. At  the  Cleaner  I  say Hi, Thanks and  Bye in Korean and  I  kept  annoying my  Japanese  friends with  random  Japanese  words.  
So there’s also the fact that  random  people  on the street seems to  look  like that  character or that  character. Or  when  sitting  in the subway  you  catch  yourself super  listening  on strangers  conversation to see  if  you  can understand  them when  they are  speaking Chinese, Korean or Japanese.  

Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru

This  a  copy of  a  review  I left on MDL. 

I re-stumbled upon this after reading a article by an MDL member then, remembered that it was in my too watch list and decided to give it a go. Well not before doing some tracking and learning that the story was based on the true story of Yamaguchi Hayato, a young man who learns that he has a rare illness known as Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. A disease which affects his nervous system making him begin to lose the functioning of his limbs, but he is determined to fight the illness with the support of his wife and his 2-year-old daughter, Myu-chan. After learning this I banish husband and kids, grabbed a box of tissues (just in case) and settle with my computer in a remote place in the house.

After 2 hours all I can say is that I just lo loved all the sweetness that was pact into this movie,even if I kind of feel that we were let down in the department of learning a little more about this disease( not to worry that just probably the med student in me talking…*putting my glasses on and going to hunt for a my medical books TT*) 
Oh yeah I was supposed to be writing a review so let gets back to it *_* hihhi!! 

Well I was reminded a lot of 1 Litre of Tears as Matsumoto Jun plays 25 year old Yamaguchi Hayato. Although I was quite annoyed still at the really clicheness of the debilitating disease aspect. But I was quite stunned by Jun acting because it was almost the the first time for me to see him deliver such a performance to the point that I asked myself if I had even ever seen him walked normally. It was a serious shock from is active role as Domyouji Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango, seeing him bedridden and yet so sweet. 

Well it can be a little hard at first to buy that him (Jun)looking so young could be a father and but the excellent chemistry between him and his ‘daughter’ ( sent me in a total KYA FANGIRL MOMENT!!!that I may have fried a few of my neurons :p) in the first five seconds of the movie and throughout. Well in my book the chemistry that father and daughter had totally save me from dying of boredom when confronted to the total lack of chemistry between Jun and Karina with who he teamed up as his wife(don’t go pulling you hair yet and thinking that you are going to bleed, they acting actually save them, Yes they both are talented actors, your hair is safe.) Well I would still have to say that Karina was a little more better in Koizora. 

With that said !!! I would say that if you are looking for an overly dramatic movie then this is not the one to be picked ( well seeing has I did not reached for my tissue box that much.) This is more suitable for a slow rainy afternoon when you are looking for a sweet movie, with a little hedge seen as it deals with a painful subject. 

Well one thing for sure is that it is a movie that as that hopeful tone to it and of course a great layer of the Japanese firm ‘never give up’ attitude. The ending was really lovely, but it quite still left me with a burning sensation of unresolveness. Well I’d still recommend this for a rainy or sunny Friday or Saturday afternoon when you really want to escape the daily routine of your life, or when you come to a point where you are starting to forget that you should be grateful even for the little things that you have in life.

Game Crashing !!

Ha  that moment  when you seriously  wish your computer was a  person , so  you can  tumble on him like nobody  business.  Ever invested  hours and  hours  on a game  to the point that  you forget to save and then BAAM  it all comes  crashing down  on you .  Well me  it happen to me  so  many  times I  lost  count.  What I  do  then is  just  ignore the  game for a  few days  sometimes months and then come back to it again.  What do you  do?