This  was Review  I posted  on  after reading this  book. 

I personally love the book. I think that the way she take position is admirable, she is not dissing on Islam or telling anyone to abandoned it, she is just simply, elegantly and powerfully comparing it to what she felt worked for her. And I certainly respect her battle to free women from oppression and her call to freedom of expression and a larger acceptance and tolerance for critical thinking. Even on an non religious background all her claim are valid, people just simply sit on their asses way to easily and refuse to think for themselves always wanting someone else to make the decision for them. I think that this book should be even more widely spread even just for a purpose of seeing things through the eyes of someone who is not letting herself totally run on by emotions. I still believe that something said in this book still need to be taken carefully, it’s totally utopic to say that she is totally objective or that all of her experiences haven’t psychologically wounded her. But them again she plainly state that this is her subjective re-visitations of her memories.

I  really admire  Mrs Hirsi  Ali,  After   reading  Infidel , I  personally  feel  like  the  word need more  feminist  like  her,  not  the  usual  so  called  feminist that  we  see  everywhere who  only  try  to  act like their  care about the  ply  of  women  out there,  where  in truth their are only after a fame or  they after  a  while  turn they  back on the  issues that they initially  where  the  one  that  brought  them out , because they  are  scared  to  not  conform  to  the  popular opinion.  Mrs.  Hirsi  Ali  her  stayed  consistent  in her  fight even  when  she’s  still  threatened  she has  stayed  truth to  herself.  She’s  truly  one of  the  most  admirable  women  of  our  time.


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