Dramas Addiction !! part 1.

This  clearly  state  it  all.  But  what strike me  the  most his that when you are addicted to those Asian dramas,  you entourage ( Asian friends mostly)  start to look like those  actors  or actresses  that  you encounter on dramaland.  The  worst  of  it may  be when you start  looking  for  quality that may  not exist  in real life. 
So how I  know that I’m addicted lol well ,  there may be the fact that  when I  have a  block  while studying  I  end  up  turning my computer  on picking  a  dormant  drama  in my  too  watch list  and the next things  I know  I  have pulled a  all nighter  marathoning a drama  and my homework  are  left undone.  Well  they also  may be  the fact that when  Ordering  Chinese  food  I  say thanks, Hi and  Bye in Chinese. At  the  Cleaner  I  say Hi, Thanks and  Bye in Korean and  I  kept  annoying my  Japanese  friends with  random  Japanese  words.  
So there’s also the fact that  random  people  on the street seems to  look  like that  character or that  character. Or  when  sitting  in the subway  you  catch  yourself super  listening  on strangers  conversation to see  if  you  can understand  them when  they are  speaking Chinese, Korean or Japanese.  

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