Adam & Eve ( or are how we are all from an incestuous relation.)

So not trying to  start a  religious debate or anything, I was  just  having  a convo  with my step-mom, and we came to  the conclusion that down the line  we  are all  from an incestuous  relation.  Because if  you are religious and  believe that  we come from Adam & Eve than it  means that when those  two  had children, the children  slept  with  each  other to  perpetuate the line.  And  if  you are not so  religious and  try to go  with the story of evolution then our  common ancestor is Lucy.  But here is the  big  problem who did Lucy  had  a kid with, and  if  by  some miracle  they was another monkey with her  than  still  all their  children  slept  with each other. 
So what do  think ? anyone ?

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