Twilight vs Twilight ( or the art to turn myself into a public enemy .)


This is  not a  review.  
I decided that now that the all twihard  movement  has move on to other greens, I  should  try to add my own two cents.  
Books !! 
Me: I’m not a fan!
Little sarcastic voice in my head:. *are you sure?*
Puzzled reader: why  is the voice in your head not sure? 
Me: Well  I have  re-read the  books  a few times.  
Well there it’s yes !! I have re-read the books a few times each time  to kill  boredom and  not wanting a  book that would make me  ask too many, why? where? and  how?   My  General reaction the first time I read it  was  mostly, why on earth  are this vampires sparkling.  Well  it’s still my  general  opinion  of the books  even after countless re-reading  I  can not get pass the fact that this vampire are day-walking!!! Dracula  must be seriously  mad.  And  I;m not even going to start with all the murderous  envy that overcomes me  because of how  Bella react to stuff. Whatever  happened to girl power I ask  you.  But even  thought it’s  just a  boredom killer I have to admit that it’s  seriously  well written. 


Watched only one of them from beginning to end and fell my brains cell  dying one by one.  Most  memorable moment for me in the  first installment Edward  climbing the  trees  with Bella. 2nd movie :  Edward fighting  in  Italy. 3rd movie vampires fights against the wolves. 4 th  the  end  where they almost  fight the wolves. 5 th the fight of course.  I say most memorable  because those are the  only part  I  remembered  about  ever  watching the movies !! Talk about  uneventful !! 

Well  that was my 2 cents  books  good — movies S#CKS !!!   

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