No TV ( or the art of seeming abnormal to your friends.) part 1

Now  what  am I rambling about ? 
Well  that something  I would like  to know too. Growing up I used to love TV,  I could sit in front  of it  for hours.  Don’t  get me wrong  I also  read , but  that was only because  I  always love the fact that if I did not like a particular ending I could rewrite.  But TV and me it was another love  story, I would skip  classes to come  home and watch the rerun of Dragon Ball.  
Then  BOOM  8th  grade  showed it nose and Madame A.K.  decided that we did  not read enough books and decided to assign us one book a  week ( if  it was over 200 pages) or  3 book a week ( if it was under 200 pages.) And  yes  she made us  get  mandatory library card. The first few  weeks  were a  torture  then boom  discovered  Tara Duncan series. Well at the time only the first one had  been published, I liked it enough  to  give me another window into the world of  books. Now  books  were not  fairy-tales that I needed to  rewrite the ending, or  just  comics books, hey  had  suddenly became this all other things that made  reading enjoyable.   Well  from there I  switch  from  fantasy, to  Sci-fi, then to non fiction. 
But  my  breakup with  TV, came  7 years  ago after I move to the U.S.  Well  it  was an  easy breakup I dare say the constant commercial break loved by american channel just  killed  T.V for me.  Well I  still tune in online to watch my favorite cop show.  But  I rather pick up my  ebook and  read.   
Well  wanted to ramble more … but  I need to sleep !!  


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