Mourning Dramacrazy and Animecrazy.

While  the Global Asianfans community is mourning and I thought that it would be  just  as good to  give  a shouts  out to other websites that  let  us  in a way  enjoy and feed  our  drama addiction.

 Well though somewhat  hated  by many for now  is a  good option if you  live in North America. Then there’s also that actually  carry both  dramas and  anime.  Well there is  also one well love by  fans and  for feeding  some of  the Taiwanese  addiction some fans may  want to  turn to
And  here  is  good site that actually does  a pretty good job at cataloging  xuxia dramas  for  fans
 There’s  probably  one that  not many people  knew  about but   you can also  feed  your  addiction  legally on

 Other  site may  includes : ( more raw vids  than  subs.. but I sure  you people could find subs.) ( good for people  living in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. ) ( mostly  to see what japanese drama are out there, and where to find them.)
Well  that is it for now … Will update this article  when I find drama website.


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