Dramacrazy Noo!!! ( or the End of an Era)

DAFUQ!Dramacrazy is shutting down!DramaCrazy is shutting downTo Our Loyal Fans: After a great run, we have decided to shut down DramaCrazy and move on. The drama streaming landscape is ever so changing and it was a fun ride while it lasted. Rather then just shut down without a note, we’ll leave the site up for a few hours while we allow you guys to gather what you need. Much Love, -The Staff

So  after  reading this I  was  somehow dumbfounded !! The first thing  that came to my  mind  was ” were am  I  going to  watch  all my  Dramas (Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese.)  True  that  there’s Viki  or Dramafever,  but a  bunch of  time  they  don’t  have the  dramas  that  you really  want to  watch.  And my second  reaction was  damn  I  should have watched that  drama or these  drama  at that  time.  Lesson  learned the hard way again  do not put  to tomorrow  what can  be done in the instant !!

Well  So long  Dramacrazy  you  will truly  be missed.   *still hoping someone else is going to get the same  idea and  get  a  similar site running.*

Well  I’m a fan  of dramafever.com but still I’m pretty mad  at them  if they are the one that actually cause  dramacrzy to shutdown.  Well  Dramacrazy  was  not  only an  outlet where we  could all go and watch dramas. It was  also a great  platform for discovery.There  you  watch  one  thing  then  discovered another, and  with the forum  you  bounded together  with other  fans.  It’s truly  a shame  to  have such a  website  shutdown just  because  another  website is trying to make money.


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