Birth Secret

I don’t think that there’s  such a thing  like plagiarism once self so I’m  just going to copy paste what I wrote elsewhere with a few chance to it.

The Secret of Birth was a 2013 South Korean television series that aired on SBS  Saturdays and Sundays at 22:00 for 18 episodes from April 27, 2013 to June 23, 2013. It stared Sung Yu-ri as a genius amnesiac who pieces together her own life in the wake of her memory loss, while Yoo Jun-sang played her husband who sets out to reclaim what they once had.


Sung Yu-ri – Jung Yi-hyun
Yoo Jun-sang – Hong Gyung-doo
Gal So-won – Hae-deum
Lee Jin – Lee Sun-young
Kim Young-kwang – Park Soo-chang
Kim Kap-soo – Choi Kook
Lee Hyo-jung – Choi Seok
Han Sang-jin – Choi Ki-tae
Jin Hyuk – Choi Ki-joong
Yoo Hye-ri – Mrs. Jo, Choi Seok’s wife
Jo Mi-ryung – Shim Yeon-jung
Jung Suk-yong – Tae-man
Shin Seung-hwan – Jong-tae
Park Eun-ji – Kwang-sook
Seo Hyun-chul – Go Eun-pyo
Kim Hye-jin – Lee Hye-young
Choi Soo-rin – Jung Joo-gyum
Kim So-hyun – young Yi-hyun
Lee Hyang-sook – young Sun-young

  • Overall  9
  • Story  9
  • Acting/Cast  9
  • Music  8
  • Rewatch Value  8
Well  I  quite like the fact that this little scoring  grid from MDL  copied over !! 

Although I wanted to slap the lead female throughout the drama, I was also shipping for her to recover her memories and family. By the end of the drama I was satisfied hence the 9/10 instead of 10. 

I’m not going to waste my saliva or fatigued my fingers on the issue, but if you feel that you must overlooked this drama because someone may have badmouthed it or a reviewer did not give it a high grade, then you should not blame anyone else but yourself for missing out on a true uniquely almost gem drama. 

I have my “gringe” * I”m quite fond of making up my  own word*with this drama hence I did not give it a higher note *some people thought that a 9/10 was not good enough !! sigh  greedy  people  I tell  you.* , but if you really want to see some great acting it’s a must see, especially from the older cast, they had me totally hooked, same with the younger version of the main female lead and secondary female and male  lead. It’s  quite a fit to  watch them when  you  try  to  compare their acting  with the mono-faced  expression that has quite become the western standard for acting, giving the distinct sensation that on this side of the world acting is going down the toilet, well at least great gems are emanating from the east. 

Acting aside the reason this drama should not be pass over is probably because of the message that is conveyed a simply touching and adorable story. With a powerful message of forgiveness. 

So if you want to watch a drama that is fairly well acted and fairly wonderfully written then this must be your pick. show less


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